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Work done for NGOs, indigenous communities and groups of art, culture and activism, over several years. Functions performed include design, script writing, image and audio capture, color and sound editing and finishing.

Tourism Plan - Tenondé Porã Indigenous Land


Presentation video made for the Tourism Plan of the Tenondé Porã Indigenous Land, of the Guarani Mbya indigenous people.

Human Dryness


The environmental activism of the Human Dryness collective is nourished by the actions of urban and aquatic guerrillas  through the streets of São Paulo.

Moã Reko - Midwives and Traditional Remedies Workshop


Village Encounter of midwifes and healers, held by the Inter-Villages Committee, in the Tape Mirim village, Tenondé Porã Indigenous Land.

Gabiroba - Congo

Gathered by Jonathan Silva, Gabiroba is the meeting of loved ones in a presentation of Congo from Espirito Santo.

Nhandero Pyau

House Construction Workshop, developed by the Inter-Villages Committee, in the Itaoca and Tekoa Mirim Indigenous Lands.

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