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Luiza Calagian is a director and cinematographer from São Paulo, Brazil. Is currently studying the Regular Course in Direction of Photography at the renowned International School of Cinema and Television - EICTV, Cuba, where she also took the Masters in Creative Documentary. Studied Social Sciences at the University of São Paulo, focusing on the areas of visual anthropology and ethnology.


Her work as a director and DOP has been awarded at Oberhausen, Ann Arbor and Kinoforum, and shown at festivals such as Rotterdam, Guadalajara, FICUNAM, Hong Kong and Biarritz, among others.


Has worked for 10 years with the Guarani Mbya indigenous communities of her city, alongside which she has carried out projects in photography, video, documentaries, audiovisual training, photographic exhibitions and books. Is currently developing as screenwriter, director and DOP her first hybrid feature film, "Arrow For a Stone Hearth", made alongside the Guarani communities of São Paulo.


Believes in the craft of cinema as a spell, capable of transmuting reality, building and rebuilding bridges between human beings, nature and spirituality, enchanting the world.

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